We left our hearts near the San Francisco Peaks Contest

How one forward thinking Northern Arizona nonprofit is going to receive every penny we make on the sale of books for the first 30 days

When we closed The People’s Pantry,  we were crushed. We had failed. And that did not go down easy. It took a while, but the desire to help the small and medium sized nonprofits like the ones we partnered with in Flagstaff started to burn again.  The groups we believe will make the biggest strides towards solving the vexing problems in our society. That’s why we decided to write the books. They were written with one goal in mind to help make those kind of nonprofits stronger and better able to find solutions to the issues they address. And why we decided to give 100% of the proceeds to those  nonprofits.

Since it all started in Flagstaff we thought it only fitting that for the first 30 days those proceeds should go to a Northern Arizona nonprofit. And we decided to award those funds to the nonprofit that came up with the best idea of how to use that money to make their nonprofit stronger.

That doesn’t mean spending it to complete your mission, it means making your nonprofit stronger for tomorrow and beyond. How can you spend that money branding, promoting, recruiting volunteers and donors, networking, training or retraining your board, or your leadership? What could you do that would make your nonprofit stronger for the long haul. If nothing comes to mind right away, although it is not required, you may consider purchasing a book or workbook, there are a ton of ideas in both.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Send your 400 word or less email, subject “San Francisco Peaks”, to fullcircletrade@gmail.com by May 28th.
  • You must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose main office is in Northern Arizona
  • We will select a group to judge the entrants and their decision will be final.

That’s it, some lucky nonprofit’s going to get a leg up and the other entrants will have a plan in place as they move forward. Everybody wins!!

Going Full Circle

Confessions of a Serial Nonprofiteer

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