Rethinking Volunteers

We have all had someone smile at us in a difficult situation and say ”It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity. “ Arizona nonprofits have suffered through two difficult years, publicly hosted fund raising events were scuttled. And the volunteer workforce we used to complete many of our tasks stayed home, because they worried about contact with the virus. And the “Great Resignation” has made filling low paying job openings even more difficult...

March 4, 2022|News|

Please and Thank You

All nonprofits are in the personal relationship business. Whether it’s the people you serve or the volunteer and donors who support you. The stronger you can make those relationships the closer your nonprofit will get towards completing its mission. And two of the key ingredients to a successful relationship are learning how to ask “please” and say “thank you”. Most of us started working...

February 18, 2022|News, Tennies for Tots|

Turkey Tuesday 2021 Misses Mark

As a former member of the St Vincent de Paul Society, a Vincentian I watched this year’s iteration of Turkey Tuesday with great interest. Turkey Tuesday is a state wide event and is a small part of Eddie Basha’s amazing legacy. He and and the St Vincent de Pau Society started the program as a means of providing Christmas dinner, for those who without help may not have had a real Christmas dinner. The turkeys were collected...

December 9, 2021|News|
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