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Bill and Barbara PackardAfter nearly two decades of volunteering to start up and continue nonprofit efforts in Flagstaff AZ Barbara and Bill Packard decided in 2019 to take a back seat and help established and new nonprofit efforts in a behind the scenes roll. It was time for them to leave the day to day operations behind and help with planning, growth, and fundraising on an as needed basis. They hoped this new approach will prove to be an asset to their community and allow them the free time to retire a little.

After just a few months our passion to be reengaged with the nonprofit community lead us back to volunteering. And we started helping regularly at a food bank in Black Canyon City. Returning to the rank and file volunteer force reminded us of where and how we started. Those memories planted an idea that we needed to share our experiences so others could learn from both our successes and failures.

It wasn’t long before every morning Bill was at the computer typing away. With Barbara’s advice and encouragement he created a history of their journey growing existing and starting new nonprofits. Through many fits and starts that history has become a book we hope to be able to share, with everyone who has an interest in making an existing nonprofit more effective or starting one from scratch, before the year ends. In addition plans for a guide Book/ Journal are in the works. All proceeds from the sale will be turned over to Full Circle Charities to help other nonprofits, much like they did with their hugely successful Thrift Store.

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