“My GCY trip taught me how to work well with new people and how easy it can be to make a well-functioning community in a small amount of time.”

–Noel, GCY Participant

Grand Canyon Youth’s mission is to provide youth, ages 11-19, an experiential education along the rivers and in the canyons of the Southwest in an effort to promote personal growth, environmental awareness, community involvement and teamwork among people of diverse backgrounds. We are proud of our 16 years of sharing the educational power of the river with young people. We believe young people get more out of their river experience if they have ownership in the process. So, before participants dip a toe into the river, they earn their trip through community service, an educational project, and pay for a portion of the program themselves.

The youth participants are truly the heart of our organization. Many of our alumni have become like family, keeping in touch as they go through college and out into the world. There are countless stories of past participants who have chosen their field of study based on their experience as part of our program. Some return to guide for us while others volunteer their time. We look forward to seeing what exciting opportunities the future holds for them and for our organization.

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