Right after we opened Full Circle we were offered collections of small items to sell in the store, if it was a large or unique collection our audience was limited to our foot traffic and Flagstaff. It was hard to get the real value out of the collection. Like most estate liquidators we were limited to who came to our sale. We decided to try some new ideas, the internet, and dealers. This expanded our shoppers to a multi- national arena. In 2016 nearly half our total sales came from this method.

Full Circle Charities Collectibles offers people wanting to liquidate collections  a means to sell on a consignment basis to a world -wide audience. Increasing their share and also providing a tax deductible donation that will fund local charitable projects. Just imagine how much more your collection will realize from this audience than from a Saturday garage/estate sale in your front yard.

The process is really quite simple, give us a call or email and tell us about your collection be it art, jewelry, camera equipment, military memorabilia, Native American, or something else. We’ll come out and assess whether or not we can help you, load the stuff up then provide an inventory.  Starting the next month we will send you a check for 60% of what the items sold for. We’ll pay all the shipping and commission costs.  And with the check will be a receipt for the 40% you donated to Full Circle. And the checks and receipts will continue until all the items are sold.