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Featured Nonprofits

/Featured Nonprofits

February 2015

Pine Forest Charter School

February 2015|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $11,840 Pine Forest School provides an education of the whole child and is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their full intellectual, emotional, and physical potential in a sustainable [...]

January 2015

Living Traditions Presentations

January 2015|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $5200 Living Traditions Presentations is a 501c-3 Non-Profit Organization in Flagstaff, AZ. Our Mission is to promote Celtic music by providing musical and cultural performances as well as [...]

Artists’ Coalition of Flagstaff

January 2015|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $5200 The Artists' Coalition of Flagstaff was founded by a small group of Flagstaff artists in 1996 with the goal of encouraging and promoting artistic growth development of [...]

December 2014

Arizona Community Foundation

December 2014|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $13,000 The Arizona Community Foundation and its Affiliates steward the gifts placed in their care with an eye toward permanence and growth, and from the investment earnings on [...]

November 2014

Little Ropers Child Enrichment Center

November 2014|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $7023 Little Ropers Child Enrichment Center is a child development program providing within FUSD and we care for children ages birth -5yrs of age in a educationally rich [...]

Flagstaff Cooperative Preschool

November 2014|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $7023 Flagstaff Cooperative Preschool was founded in 1962 when a group of interested parents decided their children needed the experience of a preschool education. These parents hired a [...]

October 2014

Flagstaff’s immigrant families nonprofit coalition

October 2014|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $12,255 In October, Full Circle’s proceeds will help support Flagstaff’s immigrant families. A coalition of nonprofit organizations (Northern Arizona Interfaith Council, Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation, the Northern Arizona [...]

September 2014

Grand Canyon Youth

September 2014|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $6,101 "My GCY trip taught me how to work well with new people and how easy it can be to make a well-functioning community in a small amount [...]

Museum of Northern Arizona

September 2014|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $6,101 MNA was founded in 1928 by Dr. Harold Colton, a zoologist and archaeologist, and artist Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton, and is the only museum to focus solely on [...]

August 2014

Flagstaff Light Opera Company

August 2014|Featured Nonprofits|

Grant Amount: $7,138 Founded in the spring of 1995, the Flagstaff Light Opera Company (FLOC) is a nonprofit corporation whose sole purpose is to develop community-based musical theatre and light opera productions in [...]